Environmental Landscapes

Parks, community gardens, burial grounds, old growth trees, canals, creeks, waterfront walkways, peninsulas, trails, trestles, viaducts, rail cuts, tunnels, overlooks, commercial and public plazas - all fall into the Environmental Landscapes campaign category, and all require very special preservation attention.

Since its inception in 1999, JC Landmarks has firmly believed that buildings and nature are conjoined and therefore inseperable elements of the urban architectural environment. We were inspired by the Friends of Liberty State Park, the Embankment Preservation Coalition and neighborhood associations that made parks the centers of their communities and cultural identities.

We alligned ourselves with the founding members of the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance and marched with them in front of the steps of City Hall. We supported, and continue to support, the complete preservation of the Sixth Street Embankment and vocally urge developers and local officials to transform its monolithic lengths into an elevated public park.

We have called for the retention of ancient Morris Canal remnants and want to see a Morris Canal Waterfront Park along the Hackensack River. We have voiced concern over the uprooting of old growth trees by utility companies. Twice a year we host public clean-ups with area students and community leaders at the Jersey City & Harsimus Cemetery.

For us, Jersey City's great green architectural landscapes come in a multitude of motives of equal environmental and intrinsic value. The preserved park gazebo, the properly-trimmed row of Sycamores, the adequately managed graveyard, the lawn-covered parking deck, the modernized pocket park - all add to our city's growing green heritage.

Look for more information on Jersey City's environmental landscapes in this section!

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