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Light Rail Historical Tour

Old Bergen ChurchPhoto Showing HBLR Trolley Nearing Fiddler's Elbow © 2001 Dan Levin

It has been roughly half a century since trolleys traveled through the lively streets of Hudson County. Most of today's population have never seen such swift machines spanning steel trestles wedged between tenements; ascending wobbly inclined planes piled into steep Palisadian slopes; or slouching carefully across pedestrian-blocked cobblestone avenues. Trolleys were as familiar and necessary then as motor vehicles are now. The new HBLR is not just a modern mass transit system that takes commuters to their waterfront jobs. It is a revived form of transportation that connects entire neighborhoods--some forgotten for generations, some asleep for ages. As we ride the light rail trains we confront a vast historical landscape suddenly exposed, revealed, illuminated. As we peer through clear windows, or stand on patterned platforms, we behold venerable architectural and engineering monuments erected by Hudson County's past master builders. Whole centuries are summoned by astonished glances. It is a gratifying, ethereal experience, found only here on the left bank of the interminable Hudson River.

HBLR Stations Covered in our Light Rail Historical Tour

Old Bergen ChurchEnlarge Map
  • Hoboken Terminal Station
  • Pavonia/Newport Station
  • Harsimus Cove Station
  • Harborside Financial Center Station
  • Exchange Place Station
  • Essex Street Station
  • Marin Boulevard Station
  • Jersey Avenue Station
  • Liberty State Park Station
  • Garfield Avenue Station
  • Martin Luther King Drive Station
  • West Side Avenue Station
  • Richard Street Station
  • Danforth Avenue Station

Guided Light Rail Historical Tours are available for:

Non-profit organizations, educational institutions, neighborhood organizations, commercial organizations, governmental bodies

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