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St. Peter’s Hall & Parochial School

St. Peter’s Hall & Parochial School

On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, an appeal of the Jersey City Historic Preservation Commission’s 2019 decision to deny the demolition of the St. Peter’s Hall & Parochial School and the original Parish Grammar School at 137-155 York Street will go before the Jersey City Zoning Board. The owner’s goal is to demolish the buildings to create a parking lot.

The Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy (JCLC) is asking you to speak up during the public comment portion of the hearing and request that the Zoning Board deny the appeal and uphold the Historic Preservation Commission’s decision to preserve these irreplaceable pieces of Jersey City History!

Here’s how to join the meeting:

St. Peter’s Hall and Parochial School was completed in 1898 and the original Parish Grammar School at the corner of York and Van Vorst Street was built in 1861. Both buildings are excellent and rare examples of Romanesque Revival architecture in Paulus Hook, a historic district that was formed 40 years ago to protect the area’s irreplaceable historic assets.  

St. Peter’s Preparatory School has owned the two buildings for 20 years, leaving them mostly vacant. The JCLC encourages the school to pursue options that save the essential and historic integrity of these buildings. Preserving their external shell and façade while using the site for development internally will result in an ethical and environmentally-conscious solution that retains the integrity of the institution and respects the people who live there. 

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