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A Triumph for Glenwood Avenue – Mayhew Terrace Cottages

A Triumph for Glenwood Avenue – Mayhew Terrace Cottages

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped in the fight to preserve the historical charm of Jersey City. On July 25th, the Planning Board granted a momentous victory by denying the proposed development at 124 Glenwood Avenue. This decision was a testament to the collective efforts of the the impassioned residents of Glenwood Avenue, several Neighborhood Associations and the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy (JCLC).

The Mayhew Terrace Cottages, a collection of exquisite Queen Anne homes, stand as a vivid reminder of Jersey City’s rich history. Constructed in 1895 by the visionary William W. Coffin, these six houses were carefully crafted to complement the elevated terrace on which they proudly sit, creating a majestic row of homes. Regrettably, the passage of time has seen the loss of one home in the past, and just this year, another fell victim to demolition.

Our persistent advocacy before the Planning Board was not solely focused on stopping the proposed project; it was also an urgent call to protect the remaining Mayhew Terrace Cottages. Many of these buildings carry the profound significance of the African American history embedded within this city. Preserving them is not only vital for safeguarding our heritage but also to honor the deep personal, cultural, and emotional connections they represent for our community.

We continue to urge both the city and the developers to rectify zoning and preservation oversights that have jeopardized the very existence of these historic treasures. We firmly believe that any future developments should be considerate of the neighborhood’s unique character and scale, allowing the Mayhew Terrace Cottages to stand as a testament to Jersey City’s past while contributing to its vibrant tapestry.

As we celebrate this victory, we invite you to read more about the Planning Board’s decision and the community’s efforts in this short article: Jersey City Planning Board Rejects Glenwood Avenue Project in Victory for Neighbors

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